Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Design Project

from top to bottom
-> voltage regulator circuit + programmable IC
-> motor circuit
-> sensing circuit
-> sensor
on top of the wheel that is the motor~

My design project for this semester

is to design an unmanned vehicle

that can detect a few basic shape

and perform the action accordingly

like detect square shape to move straight

triangle turn right

cross turn left

and circle is stop

we spent 3 months time doing that

and tomorrow we gonna demo it to lecture

the only problem we facing now is the light source

the vehicle sensor can't detect the shape because it is too dark

when it is too dark

it always detect it as square which is move straight



  1. dam technical....
    but those shapes remind me of play station!

  2. why that vehicle reminds you of your play station... i can't find the relation between the two... haha.. mind to share....? ^__________^