Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ops Sikap? Ops sikap rasuah

today when i drove on highway to fetch peggy

there is suddenly one road block in the middle of highway

i thought it was checking roadtax stuff or what so ever

so i just slow down and the police direct me to the side

when i stopped down

the police tell me that i over the speed limit

and pointed at the road sign that speed limit is 80km/h

and he told me that i drove at 95km/h

without any measuring device and camera

he tell me that i over the speed limit

then he tell me this ops sikap13 have to give summon on the spot Rm300

he asked me for my driving license

after that he showed me the summon book name list tell me that these are those people which drive over the speed limit

and i didn't say anything

after that he tell me that Rm50 can settle this things

and the price cannot be discuss

i told him i only got Rm30...

in fact my wallet got only RM50 + 2x RM10

when i check my wallet i don't even have Rm30

and he saw my RM50

takh.. he say you bluff me, you got RM50 in the wallet

i took off RM20 and say i have to pay tuition fees with that RM50

then he quickly say hide it under IC and give him

he even count the money when i give him

and throw my driving license back to me

i feel cheated....

even without measuring device by looking they know we speed

and when i drove back

i noticed he only stopped the car like honda, toyota, nissan, audi TT

all the car like proton and kelisa myvi they didnt even stop them...


Asyik Nak Terima Itu (ANTI)


  1. 他們真的很過份 ><

  2. 我們都要自己保護自己,每人會保護我們的。。。。 謝謝你飯粒。。。。 ^________^

  3. Hey =) My dad kena this a few times also but since they had no black and white proof that he drove over the limit, my dad just drove off. Perhaps next time you can do that too!

  4. thanks selene... after i kena the saman i only realize they got no proof... i learned a lot after this things happen...stupid police.. how's your life selene.... take care ya!

  5. Damn!! I hate those police!
    Next time If they ask for rasuah again, give them MAX RM10, and believe me, they will want it! Coz that's that I did...

    By the way, how did you get that Anti Rasuah shot! Geng lah!!!! :)

  6. dick... i didnt take the picture lar.. not dare lar... haha.. i google it and find the picture one... ^_____^

  7. still dun get used to it, malaysian?

  8. dom: i kena many times already.. haha.. now i've learned a lot...