Thursday, October 25, 2007

Reborn of seagull

feel like cheated by the stupid photo shop

charge me Rm1 per one frame and scan like fucking shit

feel like burn down the fucking shop

my seagull picture is reborn

it is better even i use my digital camera to "scan" it

i'll buy a scanner very very soon!!!!!!!!!

next pc fair!!!!!!!!! i'm coming!!!!!

hope the price of Canoscan 8800F will drop like hell.......

p/s: canonscan 8800F is a scanner which can scan 35mm and 120mm film. official price is RM888..... lowyat maybe cheaper...


  1. hey man... its edwin... remember...from mhs!!! randomly found your blog... nice photos.. didnt know your into photography as well.. and especially...lomography... just got mine 2 weeks ago.. still learning how to use it ...

  2. anyways... good luck with it.. where are you now? studyin?

  3. wow... nice to meet you here.. haha.. thanks for your comment... what camera you have? lca or holga? hope to see picture from you soon man.... i now in malaysia studying in monash..

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  5. hey man...lca... How about you? you got both holga and lca? what are you studyin? hahha... havent put up any photos from my lomo yet but have put up some from my dslr... you can check my blog up... its there isnt much on the main page... but if you click on september 2007 and october 2007 there will be some of my photos from my dslr...

  6. wow.. i'm getting a lca soon.... holga too.... you are rich kid man..... i'm studying engineering.. faster show some of your lomo to me.. i wanna see it too!!! do you play with cross process..??

  7. hahaha... then.. if you havent gotten it yet? what have you been using to take your photos? Where do you get lomo in malaysia? is there a shop there or do you get them online?

  8. cross process...nah man.. i dont even know what it is.. i dont even know how to use my lca yet!!! argh.. still trying to figure it out... still more into using my dslr at the moment