Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fuck You East Ocean

Stupid photoshop!

Damn pissed off with this shop!

send 4 roll only scan 2 roll for me

today go there

i just bring my cd and the other 2 roll of film

the bitch say i didnt bring the envelope ask me go back and take

and don't want to scan the rest for me

Fuck you Bitch!

i will buy my own scanner! CIBAI!

and charge me Rm1 per 1 frame of 120

and the alignment like fucking shit!


  1. Haiyo..
    Brother...Relax la..
    PC fair comin rite..
    Then we go buy lo..
    No big deal...
    Chill yo...
    Spread the Love yo..
    -Wai Loon-

  2. yo... lets spread the love! i go with you ok!

  3. dude!!!
    cool down man~
    kelvin u garang la!
    make me scare...
    CIBAI also keluar...
    hahaha... sure is damn angry~
    go get scanner dude!
    support support!!

  4. sorry dude..
    really feel very pissed off and angry
    really don't trust the photoshop anymore
    your photoshop is good lar..haha
    are you buying scanner too?

  5. me?
    no money la kawan...

  6. me also no money.... just say only.. haha....
    maybe after new year or after this holiday... because i will go find work.. haha....