Thursday, January 10, 2008


yesterday i took an off day from work

to accompany my mom to ikea to buy some stuff

but i end up buying a lot of things..

this is the new things i bought from ikea..

The chair Rm129

The table RM95

The red dustbin RM7.9

this month

i have to eat grass already...

but i really enjoy sitting on the chair

it makes me feel so relax

after i work

i just step into my room

and on air con

and sit down to rest and listen to my favourite music!

life is great!

p/s: wai loon.. when is your turn to ikea to shopping~ as i know you always want to buy something from ikea~


  1. wah... got new chair and table... the chair looks so comfortable~

  2. Bwahahaha...
    U forget ledi izzit?
    I live there 1 ma..


    -Wai Loon-

  3. grass also worth la..
    those stuff u got looks so nice n comfy..

  4. fuyo.. wai loon actually show bayang n comment on a blog... lol...

    btw... nice furniture u have there ;p

  5. dick: the chair is really comfortable.. hehe. faster go buy one..

    wailoon: faster go grab one since is so near your house.. haha...

    sue: really quite comfortable lor.. but i bought the cheap one.. if got money should buy the RM299 one.. i think that one is better... hehe...

    sulyn: thanks for visiting my blog.. hehe.. i can make you leave a comment here too~ haha..