Friday, February 22, 2008

wedding made in the sky

i have use lomo to capture the wedding made in the sky on valentines day

but i was disappointed with the picture i get

maybe is the scanning problem and cause the detail lost

even the eyes on the face can't be see clearly too!

i was so sad when i get the cd from the photoshop

Lca x provia

Lca x ct100

wai wai solaris


  1. Overall not bad, but the focus really abit soft soft dei~
    No wonder asked me wanna sell scanner onot lah~ haha...

  2. I dun see any problem with ur privia pictures... I know why u feel detail lost.. bcos dick's has been posting lots of Digital pix from his giant 40D...
    All that u could help urself is... dun compare lomo pics with digitals.. bcos u will get a hypnotised by those pix and thinking that ur pics are detail lost...

  3. dick: thanks for your comment~ now no need your scanner lor.. i already get one lor. haha...

    hooi: really thanks for your advice.. i didnt compare with dick picture.. but the shop make the color too saturated until the face only can see one white color circle only.. and two dots... really not nice...

  4. but now u got a scanner liao... no need to worry anything liao lo!! Congratsss!!! Hehe...