Sunday, March 23, 2008


a stupid accident happen on me yesterday

while i was driving happily on the road, one van is going to turn out from another junction

as the van turn out, i still driving happily and don't care him because normally people will turn to the first lane of the road

and this stupid van i dunno what the fuck she thinking and come out to second lane and driving 10km/h when she is on the second lane while i was driving 60km/h

in order to avoid bang into the butt of the van, i decided to turn to my left coz there is car on my right and i bang the divider until my tire also burst! and the stupid auntie still dunno what happen

i get down the car and talk to her

me: ei auntie, kenapa you pandu macam ini, you boleh buat accident sampai orang mati tau!

auntie: i got put signal!

what the fuck...

you got put signal you can straight away come out to second lane ar!

that time still raining

so i have to quickly change the burst tire

and i ask peggy to record down my changing tire process

and the car have to send for checking and i miss dom's full moon party!

damn it!


but i feel lucky because nothing happen to me and i'm still fine

just a bit scare

and feel scare to pass by that area already!

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