Thursday, March 6, 2008

Found back~


this morning

i can't wake up early to go to uni

because i was having headache when i woke up

so i went to uni around 10 something

went to have breakfast with sze yi

after having breakfast

i went to maybank to cancel my atm card service

but the sad things is they have to cancel the internet banking as well

after doing all those things i go back to uni

and i wait until 2p.m to have the next class

when i class almost start i get a phone call from meng sang~

so i pick up the phone and he ask me whether i lost my wallet

and it is in monash university student association

i was so happy and rush down to there and collect my wallet

and thank god i got nothing lost

thanks to the person which take my wallet and put it there

thank you so much and

and thanks meng sang so much for that call

or not i couldn't found back my wallet!

i still believe there is good person in this world!


  1. lucky man there, kelvin...
    I've meet ppl like that too..
    sometimes we cant just deny that unlucky could eventually turn even more luckier!!!

  2. thanks hooi~ this is the first time i meet this type of good ppl~ i agree with what you say~ i feel more lucky now!!

    dick~ thank you also~ and ma fan you to find for me >.< sorry~

  3. good to know about it...
    u're just another lucky toad..!