Tuesday, April 1, 2008

1st Small gathering with jeff

1. just scanning using scanner

Jeff and dick at old town coffee shop~

2. scan with scanner with restore color function!
cool huh!

3. scan by jeff~

eve with lolita dress~

last saturday 29/03/08

jeff came down to sunway with his gf~

so i go to pyramid to meet him!

jeff and eve is such a nice person~

although first time meet

but got a lot things on lomo to talk


this small gathering is great!


  1. wahh... so nice!!!
    jeff.. when will we meet again?!?!?!

  2. haha, come come... hooi, i scare u need to masuk tv again... kelvin, can i have a high res scan? hehe

  3. aiks... and again u guys go out sendiri... no good lo~

  4. no lar edmund.. got think to ask you one.. because jeff say he only come for about 1 hour plus plus.. so not dare to ask you come from wangsa maju there so far >.<