Wednesday, April 9, 2008

終于... Finally......

finally i have photo to post up already

During chinese new year

1.sweet couple

2 xiang ~


4。 天后宮 tian hou temple

5. 燈籠lantern

6. 飛龍在天!and i saw dragon in the sky! Shocked

7. 靈魂也出來了and the spirit of the dragon suddenly come out! Twisted Evil

Some Random shot at uni~
because i want to finish this roll of film fast....

8 圖書館 uni library

9 偷窺的感覺

10 colorful pipe~

11 one life revolution

On the road while driving time!

12. 我終于拍到閃電了 finally i have the photo of lightning

13 雨后天晴 sunshine after the rain

14 黃昏的日落evening sunset

15 黃昏的日落2 evening sunset 2

16 雲朵 cloud~

清明節 qing ming

17 仙境fairy park

18 仙境2 fairy park 2

dating of two person

19 這兩個也是超愛演的 like to act~

20 十分笑容 smile~

21 鬼臉~ funny face

22 blek~

23 blur

24 and sleep!

25 promoting holga

26 Me!

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