Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm too tired to blog

why i looks like so shock in the picture...
i also dunno.........

i'm just too lazy to type~

i'm going to bed soon!


  1. wah, anniversary play what until no energy to blog? hehe

  2. kelvin, blog also need so much energy one meh? dun like that la.. ur blog is very famous already, must keep going!!!

  3. jeff~ you think too much liao lar.. hahhhhahhahhaha.....
    hooi~ i where got famous, dick blog more famous, he didn't update much also got a lot of visitor~ hooi you also seldom update blog already....jeff even lesss than you... hahahaha

  4. wah... wan say like tat meh?
    later i post some poison stuff... beware~ haha

  5. what poison stuff?? i think i will be having more poison stuff than you... muahahahahhaha

  6. ish.. i just update only la.. Hehe.. but i'm posting lots of skating pics recently... tak ngam u guys also wor.. =(
    i'll try to upload more lomo after this... still wan somemore egypt's or not???