Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lovely Polaroid night!

Tonight we have a lomo gathering

we meet at dataran sunway old town coffee shop

and this gathering is full of suprise

first ten1o suprise all of us by coming all the way from jb

really miss and love the moment we spend together

the whole night

we lomo chat drink polaroid cam whore the whole night

the way we take picture of horizon

the way we set up pinhole camera

the way we polaroid around

it is just awesome!!!!!!

all the people around us look at us with the weird look

but we don't care!


man! this is a wonderful night

i will remember this day in this life


thanks for all the lomo member which make the gathering so happy!


  1. jahat jahat jahat jahat jahat jahat...
    not fair not fair not fair

  2. hehe ^-^ both me n ronnie enjoyed the night so much too :) hopefully we can meet again soon ;)

  3. someone please make an outing now ~

  4. dick~ i agree is a wonderful night... so do you get back the feeling of lomo together?? heheeheheh

    zhenhui~ when you come back from japan again? i also jeles you got kawai babe to take pics lor.. haahah

    jeff~ i'm waiting for the next outing with you so we can together burn polaroid like crazy! you burn polaroid more fierce than me now....

    ten1o~ yeah!! really happy to see both of you come from so far! can feel the lomo spirit within... hopefully we can organize an outing soon and meet everyone again..

    weeseng~ you always also got go take pics liao ar.. still need outing? bullet already or not? evanshw selling in forum velvia quite cheap.. faster go sapu....

    hooi~ too bad that i can't meet you yesterday~ so long didnt see you already..... lets have some time yam cha this weekend if posssible!