Saturday, April 26, 2008

World Pinhole Day

today is world pinhole day

we celebrate today by taking pinhole picture

in the lomo forum

jeepeng is planning to celebrate today as well

but there is not much people which is interested with it

so there is no outing with them

so i decided to call Dick for outing with me

we already plan to go photo shooting long time ago but both of us is so busy


then dick decided to go to Ulu Yam

because dick know that there is one waterfall over there and it is very suitable for pinhole

so we reach there around 4 something

we play with pinhole, range finder, dslr, tlr and all sorts of camera

this is the first time i take picture of waterfall and i feel great!

my favourite waterfall shot

and we take portrait picture of xiang as well

i'm learning to take portrait shot as well

thanks xiang for being the pretty model for free~

my most favourite shot of xiang, love her expression

we leave waterfall area around 7 and headed to the big natural lake over there

when we reach there

the scenery of sunset is awesome!

we met with some people which is fishing at there

and they chat with us about our weird old camera like pinhole and seagull

dick took more picture than me using his dslr and it is awesome

and right before we go back i took picture for dick and xiang with the sunset

but it is in dick's dslr

hope to see it real soon!

all the picture above is not edited
the picture below is edited by just adjusting level.

my favourite shot of dick for the evening

p/s:sorry for my bad english


  1. seriously, not bad! wish to see more in film format! :D

  2. thanks jeepeng for the lovely comment! i will go to develop the film one tomorrow... testing of new camera.. hopefully it won't turn me down~

  3. the silhoutte damnnn cun!! too bad i got work lar...

  4. I like the waterfall the most..

    -Wai Loon-

  5. Wah... you are fast!! haha... What a great day! Lets go again next time!

  6. smallfish~ you got dslr already.. sure can take nicer one lor...

    thanks wai loon!

    dick~ mari mari... i heard my uncle say the end there is the best leh.. that day we just at the fron part only...

  7. nice ;) wish to go for some photo trips too ^-^

  8. don't worry! coming soon! hope to meet you at penang~

  9. 拿來拍風景



  10. 可能是設定的問題,我拍人像時要趕快所以沒什麽去看~ 結果有些稍微曝光了一點。 謝謝你的讚美~