Wednesday, September 26, 2007

kuantan trip 関丹之旅 part 2

On The second day of kuantan trip

everyone wake up quite late because yesterday night very late only sleep

i couldn't sleep until very late and i woke up at 9.30a.m

i walk around the beach to take some picture

wonderful morning

conquer the beach with lomo

enjoy the wave of the sea

and i like the feeling of the wave hits my foot

take off my shoe and have fun

after the beach walk

ee also woke up and i went to the goat farm with ee

*there is a goat farm in front of the resorts

view from the goat farm

the goat is so tame and cute

the owner petting the goat

i try petting them too

shadow of me and dom taking picture

yewkong yunc ymc having fun playing water

lonely stick

after checked out from the hotel

we drove to kuantan town

we stopped by at one hawker center and have our lunch

we went to one beach to have a short walk after lunch

and before we go back

edmund bring us to one famous cendol stall in kuantan

cendol crossover kacang merah crossover pulut

thanks edmund's mom for that wonderful dinner


  1. Kelvin, I really like the shots and the colors of this part2 series. Was is Afga negative??

  2. erm... i think is fuji asa 100 expired...agfa will have more saturate color.... thanks for liking it!