Sunday, September 23, 2007

kuantan trip 関丹之旅

Went to Kuantan last weekend (22/9/07) with a group of lomo friends

we started off the trip by having breakfast at brj mamak at wangsa maju

on the way to kuantan we rest at the resting area along the highway

after approximately 3 hour of driving, finally we reached teluk cempedak

she is our leader :P

there is a beach at teluk cempedak and we had a walk at there for about 1 hour

the weather was hot!!!! and burning!!

after the beach walk, we headed towards a chinese restaurant to have our lunch

after we ate, went back to hotel!!

okay, you guys stay there!

big swimming pool in the hotel

after putting our luggage in the hotel, we went to the beach which located behind the hotel~

beautiful beach~

at night, we went to edmund's house to have dinner

his mom cooked us a lot of things to eat...

enjoyed that meal very much...

thanks edmund

i would never forget the cheese moon cake that i ate!

we went back to hotel around 11 something and it was raining

when we reached the hotel, we gathered around and had some beer and snacks

when it was about 1a.m midnight

we went to the beach to look for 'blue tears'

it was my first time seeing blue tears and i love it

i love going out with you guys!!!!

i had fun! and really enjoy it!~~

To be continued tomorrow..........


  1. haha....really nice pics...

    p/s : don forget the "bao" promise...haha

  2. thanks sue...
    about the bao sure no problem.. i won't forget the promise ^______^ so you must wait until the next outing lor... will make extra for you!!