Friday, November 23, 2007

Lomohome Of The Day

lomohome of the day

my lomowall

dick's awesome lomowall with a girl face there

fani, xiang, baby

my complete lomowall

today is the second day i go to the lomo factory in malaysia

i reach there around 8.45 and start sticking the lomographs with double sided tape

after finish sticking on it

we were arranging it to the panel of the big lomowall

after arranging the big lomowall

i was assigned to start building my very own personal wall

the personal wall took me one hour to measure the distance and spacing

but in the end still is a mess

senget to one side

after i finish my wall

help dick to arrange his lomowall

after arranging

we were chatting and continue arranging the big lomowall

while i was arranging

Hooi call me to find him when he was playing comp instead of arranging wall :P

then he show me the front page of lomography

and i saw my pics on the front page

i was shocked

and after 2 second

only i realized i won the lomohome of the day award

really thanks to all my friend which support me

and also thanks to lomography

and my dear qi qi which support me always

i am so happy now and i was blogging in the midnight

reach home around 3.30 and surf net

about 4 something, suddenly i remember i need to fix edmund's color flash

it took me half an hour to finish repairing the flash and now is reborn

it can be flash anymore!


preparing for morning walk now

bye bye!


  1. thanks s8j.. nice to meet you.... see you again on saturday!

  2. haha.. thanks thanks... i've fix too.. the quality of the colorflash is bad man~ you open up the color flash you will know...