Sunday, January 13, 2008

last day in hk and macau

last day in hk

1. i still miss the "xiu ba" bus mini

2. miss the taxi

3. miss the dog that i met

4. miss the old typewriter

5. i saw an old man picking up rubbish from the rubbish bin

6 renovation of old building

7 girl at mrt station

8 is really zeng~

9 he is the august worker/boss

after the last day.. i go to macau again

10 when i reach the ferry of macau

11 i look above the sky

12 and i saw sun shine!

13. i get in to bus and go to hotel

14 i walk out from hotel and take the same picture again

15. finally i was in the casino of venetian

16. the next day i go to the 漁人碼頭

17 and i saw some student having a school trip there

18 and i have some fun time taking picture there

19 and i jump to this place
1st jump..

2nd jump! yeah i got it~

20 the specialty of the sign board in macau

21 i just love the floor so much

22 tricycle racing with bus

23 in rua do regedor i saw a lot of thing

all shot is taken by lca and velvia cross process... thanks for viewing

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