Friday, January 18, 2008

Goodbye to My Blog......

Goodbye to My Blog............. layout :p

hopefully the title didn't scare some of you which read my blog

and now i would like to say thanks for all of you which read my blog daily

thanks for you guys support and leaving good words on my blog

today finally i've decided to change my blog layout

to give my blog a new look in new year!

recently i've been busy working

start working from morning to night

is a lil boring

but for earning some extra pocket money

that is what i have to do

chinese new year is coming!

but i still don't have money to shopping and buy clothes!

but peggy has bought one T-shirt for me

and i like it a lot!

besides that i also bought myself a cheap shirt too!



  1. Basket...
    Almost kena tipu..haha...
    If you shut down blog ah, me will be PM liao lo...XD

    Neway, nice layout...thumbs up..

    -Wai Loon-