Monday, March 17, 2008

Battery for Yashica Electro 35 GSN

i've google for a few days and i still can't find a good way to modify battery to put in my yashica camera

but i've ask one professional of camera at taiwan and he teach me how to put it in and what battery to use

he is 管伯伯 from lomotw

he is a very nice guy and willing to help you in all sorts of question

1. first you need to prepare this few things, wire, plier, and a small screw driver.

2. secondly, use the plier to pull out the plastic cover of the wire

3. use a 20cent coin to open up the battery cover

4. make a coil of spring using the wire by turning few round using pen or screw driver.

5. look at the battery hole, in fact there is a spring inside.

6. insert the coil that you made just now

7. and using 4LR44 battery for it.. because it is 6V

8. insert it to the battery hole

9. and it start working already, it will show over when the shutter speed is more than 1/500 that it can support. if that happen, you might need to adjust the aperture value until no light appears

10. if the yellow light is on, it means that the shutter is slower than 1/30. but it never tell how long the shutter will open.

after trying out this camera, found that something is wrong too. in my room which is indoor condition, sometimes even when i switch the aperture value to f1.7, it will still have a very very long shutter as in 3-5 second.. better try out when shooting outdoor.

p/s: when the camera is not use, it is recommended to take out the battery to extend the battery life. and also some warning, originally this camera uses 5.6v battery, but this battery is 6V, basically it will be no harm to your camera, but try it on your own risk. i will not responsible for anything~ haha..

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