Sunday, March 16, 2008

My first RF and SLR

today i'm quite free so i decided to go out have some walk alone

as i going to bayu perdana there to cut my hair

i went to bukit tinggi first to look for some vintage camera

i went to cash converter and i found two sexy babies there

i fall in love with them at the first sight when i see them

and introduce my new member of the family

Range Finder Yashica Electro 35 GSN Range finder

top view of camera

Look at it~ apperture of f1.7
at the bottom of 5.6, it is the mechanical self timer function button which same like seagull

this is the range finder lens,(what is range finder?) wait i'll explain now

this is the viewfinder, range finder camera have a spot at the center
look at the middle of view finder, when the object is not focus, it will have 2 image
and when the image is focus, it will appear only one image
this is so cool!!!!!

yashinon lens made in japan

i remember lomography selling this camera at high price

This is the second camera i bought

ZENIT TTL slr with HELIOS 44mm f2 lens(original lens)

Body is old and dirty but lens is just goood~

with ttl(through the lens) function
which means through the lens you can see the light metering.
the light meter is at the right

top view of the camera with the function of self timer, adjustable shutter and asa setting

and guess what...

i bought this two sexy babies at only RM80

haven't buy battery for both camera as it needs for light meter

but i have try LR44 battery on ZENIT TTL and it works~

i guess i have to buy a CR123 battery for yashica as well


  1. WUAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Only RM80 for this 2 cameras!! Great buy lah!!! Congrats congrats!!

    Welcome to the Rangefinder and SLR family! :)

  2. yeah... i'm waiting for an outing... hahhahahahahahahah

  3. Me too me too! Lets go!!! How about this thursday? Genting?

  4. I am going to kidnap those beauties u have there!
    Beware! Muahaha!

  5. Hello. This post is likeable, and your blog is very interesting, congratulations :-). I will add in my blogroll =). If possible gives a last there on my blog, it is about the Câmera Digital, I hope you enjoy. The address is A hug.

  6. 好經典呀!!!!!!!!!

  7. 有outing记得通知我哦!

  8. kodomo~ let's exchange those beauty with your holga~ haha.....

    camera digital~ thank you..

    s8j~ 我看到你在rice的blog也這麽寫。哈哈哈。你超愛收集坏的古董。還有的賣阿,要我幫幫忙嗎? 一台只需要RM45... 你的相機買了嗎?

    philiuzion~ 當然沒問題:p

  9. WOW... kelvin.. damn good la you!!! SO nice got new family members... that Zenit is always my favourite... OMG!!!

  10. WA!!! RM80 get 2 cameras...!!! JELES lor... ^-^V go go go.. take more pics!!

  11. hooi~ when want buy new camera.. hahhaa

    ten1o~ when want outing with us.. hahah... i'll show the pics after i take some picture!