Saturday, March 1, 2008

First Test with my scanner

finally i've go to lowyat to collect my scanner

and i carefully take it back home and hope nothing happen this time

and finally at night i got the chance to try this scanner already

at first dunno how to use this scanner and quite upset with the color i get

after use it for few times

i finally can handle it already

and i can get the cross process color without need to adjust any color

at first feel regret buying this scanner

but at last i feel is worth it

thanks for your present dear!

i love it so much!

check out the picture

and i finally get the picture of my provia which i want for so long!

i just love that color!

this is the color provia should be

this is what the lab give me! :( and detail lost!!

this is what i scan from photoshop

this is scan by me!


  1. wa.. finally can use ur scanner liao... congrats 1st..
    and ur scanning skill is not bad.. looks like u love the way the scanner works out, Haha,, well done!

  2. Hi...just want to know what is your scanner model? I'm looking for a good and affordable scanner for my photo.