Saturday, March 1, 2008


last few day i've send an email for lca shot gallery

there are 7 categories for that,

but i only send the one which named cross process

and today they announce the new gallery

from 40 photos,

there is 3 which contribute by me!

i'm so happy for that!


  1. WOW... so nice la you, can get into the gallery.. i also got send la, but i only send like 5 pictures of cross-process theme... i sent a lot of splitzer's pix la, hopefully will get into it too..
    Did u get any piggy points for getting into the gallery???

  2. Congrats Kelvin!

    I didn't send any of mine... :(
    Still can send ah?

  3. thanks hooi and dick!

    hooi i think your splitzer will get into it one.. don't worry..!

    dick.. i think you are too late to send.... hehe