Saturday, March 29, 2008

Zenit TTL Camera Test

1. reverse lens macro

2. reverse lens macro with super depth

3. another one

4. reverse lens too

5. small little flower

6. depth of f5.6

7. depth of f2.8

8. reverse lens

9. detail lost due to my scanner....

10. sky and tree

tested this camera by simply shooting around my house

this test is just want to test whether the shutter and the light meter is working fine

i'm quite impress with the depth produce by this lens

will try more next time

the color doesn't look attractive maybe due to my scanner


  1. Kelvin, really nice lah the depth of reverse lens! I dun dare to try on my DSLR, sure will make alot of dust go in...

  2. i dare to try it because my slr also full of dust already.. and it is very cheap slr.. haha